National Farmers Day

by in Agricultural Events, Uncategorized December 23, 2020

Happy National Farmers Day to all farmers!!!!

In an agrarian country, agriculture and farmers are the backbone of the country and a strong foundation is needed to keep that backbone straight. Among the important things mentioned below, if the farmers consistently meet the cooperation from all levels, then of course the biggest contribution to the prosperity of the country will be made by the farmers and it is possible. In such a case, the farmer will not need any package or crutch and will become truly self-sufficient.

  • Crops should be planned keeping in view the demand and supply of the country and the world market and farming should be done in that manner
  • Efforts should be made to make the market available in the global market and agriculture should be done accordingly
  • A fair rate should be obtained by comparing the cost incurred by the farm and the quality of the goods
  • Farming should be planned by integrated methods using organic farming inputs based on research and modern technology by reducing the use of chemical inputs
  • Maximum attention should be given to enhance soil fertility , organic matter and carbon by organic methods