Soil conditioner


Soil conditioner is a substance produced from organic matter that can be added to soil to change the soil properties. They repair damage soil and help to maintain the soil quality for plant life. Over a time soil will become compacted, soil conditioners help to loosen the soil as well as replenish and maintain nutrient in order for the plants to flourish. They are added to soil to improve its physico-chemical properties and promote plant growth and health. These product improve soil structure by enhancing water retention and cationic exchange, adding organic matter, increasing nutrient uptake and stimulating microbial growth.

Our Distinguished Brands are :

  • Bio Loam
  • Radicle
  • Bio Loam Supreme
  • Photon X granules
  • Real trick gold ( 4 in 1 plant nutrient )
  • Sil Power (For plant Growth &Protection )

BIO LOAM : Soil Fertility Enhancer

Bio Loam is a unique mixture of plant extracts, protein hydrolysate, seaweed and potassium humate...

RADICLE : For White Root Development

Radicle is a concentrated water soluble mixture of potassium humate with naturally associated nutrients .....

PHOTON X GRANULES : Slow releasing Nutrient Formulation

Photon X granules is advanced technology designed from organic inputs like seaweed....

BIO LOAM SUPREME Empower Soil Strength

Bio Loam Supreme is unique blend of silicon dioxide, fulvic acid, humic acid, organic.....

REAL TRICK GOLD : 4 in 1 Plant Nutrient

Real Trick Gold is innovative formulation derived from 100% biological based ......

SIL POWER : For Plant Growth & Protection

Sil Power is water soluble form of Silicon. Monosilicic form is readily available and absorbable by plant......

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