Micronutrients are fine blend of mineral elements and nutrients comprising of optimum composition of zinc, copper, manganese, boron, molybdenum and magnesium. Each individual mineral elements provide balance nutrition to horticultural crops and others such as grains, oil seeds, pulses, spices and plantation. Multi micronutrient sprays formula and crop specific formula suitably used for soil application, foliar spray and fertigation. Zinc is essential for growth, division of cell and production of husks of grains. Copper activate enzymes required for reproduction processes. Manganese drives important role in photosynthesis. Iron supports and catalase biological process and cell growth in plants. Boron increases flowering, fruit setting and plays important role in promoting ripening process. Molybdenum is useful for growth of leaves, and plays important role in prevention of diseases in plants. Magnesium increase production of chlorophyll, proteins along with nitrogen in plants.

Our Established High Value Brands are :

  • Numix
  • Full On Ca
  • Full ON Mn
  • Full on Cu
  • Calbor
  • Equmix
  • Full on Fe
  • Full On Mg
  • Full On Zn

Numix : Micronutrient Fertilizer Mixture

Maharashtra State Approved Grade 1 For Drip Application & Soil Application .....

Full On Ca : Chelated Calcium 9.6%

Full On Ca is used for correction of calcium Deficiency. Also to maintain balance .....

Full ON Mn : Chelated Manganese -6%

Full on Cu : Chelated Copper 15 %

Calbor :

Chelated calcium & Boron Mixture Ca-6% + B -5 % ...

Equmix :

Micronutrit Fertilizer Mixture/ Chelated Nutrient Mixture...

Full on Fe :

Chelated Miconutrients For Drip & Foliar Application ...

Full On Mg :

Chelated Miconutrients For Drip & Foliar Application...

Full On Zn :

Chelated Miconutrients For Drip & Foliar Application...

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